Dr Catherine Segarra - Catherine Segarra

Dr Catherine Segarra

Dr Catherine Segarra, our “Unstoppable Force,” embodies steadfast leadership, radiating positivity and relentless determination. Her energy knows no bounds; she tackles challenges with grace and never utters a word of complaint.

She’s a master of resourcefulness, perpetually seeking innovative solutions to excel in the dynamic world of the aesthetic industry.

Dr Catherine is a qualified medical doctor from the Philippines who moved to Australia in 2007. She holds board certification, passed AMC exams, and obtained AHPRA full registration. She worked at prestigious hospitals, including Royal Adelaide and The Queen Elizabeth. With a background in pharmacy, she’s knowledgeable about pharmacology. Catherine is skilled in various non-invasive energy-based therapies and cosmetic procedures like laser treatment, microneedling and mesotherapy. She’s an active member of the American Society for Laser Medicine.