Dr Angeline Roque - Catherine Segarra

Dr Angeline Roque

Dr Angeline Roque is highly regarded for her innate ability to nurture and care for others, a quality that emanates from her humble and gentle demeanor. Her sincere willingness to assist those around her is unwavering, and she is always ready to provide a helping hand whenever the situation calls for it.

Much like her namesake suggests, she embodies the role of an angelic figure in the lives of those she touches.

Dr Angel graduated with Doctor of Medicine in 2004 from the Philippines. She obtained general registration in Australia in 2015 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners in October 2021.She has worked in diverse medical areas across hospitals and outpatient settings in NSW and SA.

Dr Angel’s fellowship training sparked a passion for diagnosing and managing skin lesions, performing skin cancer checks, and mastering non-invasive skin treatments like laser, micro-needling, IPL, RF, CFU, and mesotherapy. Her specialization centers around dermatology and various skin-related conditions.