Sherlyne YAP, Clinic Manager

Sherlyne Yap - Catherine Segarra


Sherlyne, a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in the marketing and customer service industry, is a true gem in the world of beauty and skincare. With a background as a qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist, her knowledge in skincare and grooming is nothing short of impressive.

Throughout her career, Sherlyne has lent her expertise to internationally renowned skincare brands, beauty spas, and salons. Her dedication to putting customers first is evident from the moment you step into the clinic. She radiates kindness, warmth, and care, making everyone feel valued and well-cared for.. She does not only oversee the clinic operations but also takes a personal interest in ensuring the well-being of every client. Sherlyne’s creative genius shines through in her role as the mastermind behind the clinic’s social media presence. She has a knack for crafting engaging content that resonates with the beauty-loving community.

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