Achieving The Ultimate Glow For My Patients

Dr Catherine Segarra - Catherine Segarra


DR CATHERINE SEGARRA is about to re-launch her clinic and shares her thoughts and choices that led to offering her patients the best experience and effective treatments.

Dr Catherine Segarra is a medical doctor from the Philippines who moved to Australia in 2007, and has been registered with AHPRA ever since. With a background in pharmacy, she’s knowledgeable about pharmacology, and furthermore, skilled in various non-invasive energy- based therapies and cosmetic procedures like laser treatment, microneedling and mesotherapy. She is currently a member of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine,Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia, and the American Society for Laser Medicine. She now works with her five partners in their first clinic, which offers skin treatments including skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, skin tightening, and more, through the use of energy- based devices, mainly Cynosure’s Picosure Pro and Potenza.


You are about to relaunch your clinic; what will you offer?

On November 4, 2023, we are holding an event to re-launch and re- brand our clinic, featuring our best and premium services, delivered mainly by Picosure Pro and Potenza, along with our other skin care products, mainly Profhilo, AnteAge stem cell growth factors and exosomes, Dermaviduals, Medik8, and Aspect. The latter three products are medical-grade products that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Our clinic will soon be known as NEO-AESTHETICS Skin and Laser Clinic, and is located in Glenside, Adelaide.


How did you decide which devices to work with?

We have done our due diligence in researching on device-providers in the market. Cynosure has strong competitors, I must admit. There is even more competitive pricing out in the market. But what made us decide to work with their devices are the outcome of their treatments, the continued research and development, and feedback from other clinicians. Their pre-and post-marketing support is beyond excellent. They regularly check on our progress and needs, and they are easy to reach when needed, or if we simply need their help on minor projects and troubleshooting.


What do you like about the Picosure Pro and what kind of skin conditions do you treat with it?

Picosure Pro is the most popular device we use for rejuvenation, pigment removal, tattoo removal. One thing I like about it is, after 1-2 treatments, results are noticeable, even if the recommendation is 3-4 treatments minimum. With its short downtime, our clients and staff love that they can go back to their daily activities in as short as 2-24 hours (with minimal redness the day after treatment).


What are some of the results you achieve with it and what do patients say?

Results include visibly reduced pigment, and smoother glowing skin. We hardly have clients coming in for post-treatment follow-ups after 1-2 days (mainly to check for adverse reactions), because they are content and happy with the results and report no issues with their treatments. Of course, different skin conditions and overall health influence this outcome, but on an average patient, these are the most appreciated results.


You also have the Potenza, what made you choose Cynosure’s RFMN device over others in the market?

Microneedling is a must. It has proven benefit on skin tightening and inducing collagen growth. The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency has taken it to the next level. Potenza, being competitive internationally for having both monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency, provides versatility to the practitioner to perform procedures using different modalities to achieve more satisfactory outcomes than other microneedling devices in the market. We have seen more rejuvenated, tightened, plump and glowing skin. Again, it varies from patient to patient, depending on skin conditions and overall health.


What does the CynoGlow treatment entail?

We currently perform an alternating series of treatments using Picosure Pro and Potenza, to achieve a certain “glow”. Our timing in-between each treatment allows our clients to recover from one procedure before the next, giving them a glow with minimal downtime.


What kind of support do you get from Cynosure?

Cynosure is a very reliable and supportive company. Post-marketing support is impressive, as they will call you before you call them. They check up on you every now and again, and provide continued support in education, to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest use and outcomes using their devices. They also link us to supportive clinicians, who we consider as mentors, as they guide us in treating clients especially those with challenging conditions. With Cynosure, You will never feel left in the dark or abandoned. And I can honestly say, you are in good hands. For more information, visit CYNOSUREAUSTRALIA.COM



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